Banger tacos & Lumpia

Filipino flavors served in LAs signature dish, Tacos.


Beef machado

These asian morsels will have your knees weak after every bite. Beef slow cooked in soy sauce & tomatoes, and fine diced over a tortilla.


Pork Sisig

Succulent pork braised in soy sauce and left in its marinate over night. Kissed on the grill for a hint of smoke. Chopped and sauteed in high heat for a crispy exterior with a juicy bite. Add the apple coleslaw for the best tasting filipino taco you’ve ever had.


Chicken Calamansi

If Orange and Lime were to ever have a child, its name would be Calamansi. This filipino citrus, Calamansi provides the perfect amount of sweet and sour for chicken tacos.

Photo is not actual serving size.

Photo is not actual serving size.


Crispy Apple coleslaw (vegan)

Typically served with Pork Sisig tacos, the crispy Apple coleslaw is delicious. Who needs a napkin when you’re licking your fingers, wondering how you can get more. Served as a side.


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