Chuck Cauton, blading tattoo artist individually does all of the art work on the obstacles that is provided for the Blading Cup.  The spray paintings stylistically plays along with the event - Dia De Los Muertes which is held in Downtown Santa Ana.  

The obstacles are created by the brothers Tim and Ernie Franken that are going to be opening up a Hot dog stand in Long Beach called Franken Fries - Coming Soon!  The Luxarmor team along with Carlos Jaquez and the Franken brothers; saw, hammer, nail, & screw all of the pieces to complete the inline skating course.  Hand-rails, wavy obstacles, and quarter pipes for the demo.  

Without this team the roller blade event would not be as awesome as it is.  Thanks to the volunteers that dedicate their time and efforts into making this event the best that it possibly could be.  

Here are the images from 2016 as we look foward to the upcoming event in 2017.