Jon Julio's 40th Birthday Party

It was an honor to attend Jon Julio's 40th Birthday Party at what is metaphorically the Disneyland for action sports - Woodward West.  

There are an infinite amount of skateparks and ramps and obstacles and its a little bit of an overload as to try and make a decision on what to skate first.  But, when things get settled in, the floors are smoother than tennis courts, and the obstacles are fun with only a matter of having to choose how much time you want to spend in one area.  

Jon Julio Fifty - 50 Fishbrain - Fishbrain - grind plates

I don't know how long Jon Julio has been a pro-inline skater but, I remember having this exact fifty-50 ad in the photo above on my folder somewhere circa 1997-1999.  At the time, I was more than happy to let my homies from Carson High see my inspiration, Jon Julio, there was a Filipino Pro Blader doing big things.  Finding Filipino heroes in the states wasn't the most popular thing growing up in the city of Carson, California.  The amazing thing is that Jon is an inspiration to more than just the Filipino's but everyone who has ever rode a pair of Roces Majestics.  

But, everyone here at rollerBANGER wants to wish a very big Happy Birthday to Jon Julio.  

Thank you for continuing all of the activities you do for Aggressive Inline Skating / Blading and long live Themgoods & Valo Inline Skates