rollerBANGER Mike Obedoza, has been an Aggressive Inline Skater for over 20 years and took a certification class to teach inline skating from the Skate Instructors Association.  Looking to give back to his hometown, he offers free inline skate classes to the kids in his hometown, skatepark located in Carson, California at Veterans Park.  

Beginning with teaching the fundamentals of learning the perfect fall, Coach Obe encourages these kids to get back up, try again, and will guide these new skaters safely to their first strides on their inline skates.  Through this process, the kids not only learn how to blade but the kids develop courage, patience, and persistence.

Skate Class Schedule!  
Every Thursday
4:00PM - 6:00 PM
22400 Moneta Ave
Carson, CA 90745

For One - On - One Schedule a Class With Obe here!

***For the past 3 years, the rental pads and skates have seen a great amount of wear and tear and to continue these classes we would highly appreciate any contributions that you can provide to keep Coach Obe's classes going for our future inline skating world.

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