VOD - Flick - 2 Videos for .99c


VOD - Flick - 2 Videos for .99c


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Banger Tacos are made by rollerBladers.

See these athletes in the rollerBANGER flick featuring Bladers from the City of Carson and surrounding areas.

Watch full profiles on

Earvin Pamintuan

Jalord Santos

Jordan Williams

Chuck Cauton

Mike Obedoza

and our friends from the surrounding cities!

Joe Jimenez

Ryan Northway

Chris Khim

Daniel Rosado

Jeremy Soderburg

Shannon Rodgers

Kruise Sapstein

Parker Richardson

Josh Goodell

Juan Martinez

Kevon Biz Thompson

Gregory Preston

Keith Hubbard

Anthony Gallegos

Miguel Ramos

Chris Calkins

Erick Rodriguez

Michael Martinho

Tim Franken

Shae Gonzales

Steve Gonzales

Jonas Acosta

Andrew Refuerzo

Geof Leyva

Anthony Williams

Tyler Wise

Joey Lunger

Jon Julio

Korey Cuico

Kraig Cuico

Daniel Noble

Steven Cortes

Shaun Cortes

*Movie file are to be downloaded on your desktop.

*DL Link will be provided in receipt.

If you have any questions feel free to email rollerbanger@gmail.com.